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Health and Fitness tips from our Personal Trainers

  • 89843d_2d095a41f7c24f5d88648aaeabcc156f
    12 January, 2015

    CW’s Hamstring workout!

    Got Hamstrings?? Tonight's hamstring and calves session consisted of just 4 exercises... 1. Stiff legged deadlifts 2. Sumo stance leg presses 3. Cybex lying leg curls 4. Seated calf raises It is very hard to do your hamstrings justice after training quads, ...

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  • CW's-Cable-Hammer-Rope-Curls!
    06 January, 2015

    CW’s Cable Hammer Rope Curls!

    CW's Cable Hammer Rope Curls!... Here is another mini video from my YouTube channel "Craig Winter" depicting a terrific exercise that hits both the brachialis and forearm extensor muscles simultaneously. A great movement to use at the end ...

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  • 89843d_36cc81942b764a9c8d0e6683db42d1ce
    06 January, 2015

    CW’s Chest Workout Suggestion

    Starting my new bodypart split this week which now sees me training chest on it's own. I thought I would take some advice from Dorian Yates via this chest workout with crossbench dumbell pullovers thrown into the ...

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