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Shan Somers

Shan is a personal trainer and co-owner of @Nonstop Fitness. She has had a passion for physical fitness and redefining her impossible from a young age, with a special interest in weightlifting, running and boxing.


Shan has completed her Certificate 3 & 4 in Group Fitness and Personal Training, as well as her Stage 1 Boxing Training Certificate. Shan opened up her own gym and PT studio so that she could support and empower others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Liang Xiao

Liang is an Exercise Scientist and Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach with a religious intent for training, nutrition and the inner workings of the human body.


With humble beginnings as a work experience kid at his local YMCA, he has over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry working with mums and dads, young athletes, and the weekend warrior.


Liang specialises in strength training, rehabilitation, injury prevention and body-recomposition (in other words, lose fat gain muscle) Through his wholistic approach you will get strong, gain knowledge, feel good and look good!

Karly Rosenbrock

Karly is an energetic trainer who is passionate about fitness in any form, having personal experience in group fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting and recently, triathlon.


To complement her Certificates III & IV in Fitness, Karly has an extended understanding of the human body learned in her Biomedical Science degree and will be furthering her education with a Master of Dietetics in 2022. Karly aims to coach members to enjoy training for all the physical and mental benefits, by coaching structured, challenging and adaptable classes at Non-Stop Fitness.

Zoe Stafford

When starting her own fitness journey Zoe found a passion for all things Health and Fitness.


With 5 years experience in the industry Zoe has a range of knowledge and loves working with people to achieve their goals. Zoe’s energetic classes will set a good mood for your day and make you feel great 

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